Duke & Duchess Won’t Be Swearing “Cowboy Oath”

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to become honorary cowboys on Canadian tour

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be “crowned” as honorary cowboys when they visit the world’s biggest rodeo on their first joint foreign tour.
The royal couple will be presented with ten-gallon hats as part of a traditional VIP welcome to the annual Calgary Stampede in Canada. Visitors who are “white-hatted” are usually expected to swear a “cowboy oath” to share the “exceptional amounts of Western hospitality” they have received in Calgary with “all folks and critters who cross my path”, before being saluted with a loud “Yahoo!” from onlookers. The Duke and Duchess, however, are expected to be spared the oath, before they watch cowboys demonstrating bull-riding and lassoing at the show, which attracts a million visitors every year.

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