Canadian Ranchers Saving the Prairies

 Canadian Protected Areas Below Global Average: report

Research shows Canada has fallen below the global average when it comes to creating environmentally protected areas. The study by Global Forest Watch reports that Canada has placed about 8.5 per cent of its land mass under permanent conservation protection — less than the worldwide average of 12.9 per cent.
If you count areas now under temporary protection, Canada’s total goes up to 12.2 per cent — but that includes some regions in which industrial activities are still allowed, said report author Peter Lee.
The United States has protected nearly 15 per cent of its land.
“It is perplexing to me,” said Lee. “Canada, being so big and not many people, a First-World country, well-educated, values wildlife and wild spaces, why don’t we have more protected areas? Why aren’t we even at the global average?”

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