PBR Bullfighters – The Best Yet

Found this article on the PBR website. Jesse Byrne, who joined the Dickies team in 2008, became the first Canadian bullfighter to work the Finals when he was voted as an alternate that same year. 

PBR – Best Yet
This year’s team of Dickies DuraBullfighters could be the greatest ever 

LAS VEGAS (April 13, 2011) – Every time J.B. Mauney climbs into the bucking chute, he takes a tuck – a “suicide” wrap – that assures his hand will stay firmly in his rope until he makes the 8-second whistle. Even then, it doesn’t always come out.

But like the other 39 riders at a Built Ford Tough Series event, the 24-year-old knows that standing on the other side of the gate are three men  – Shorty Gorham, Frank Newsom and Jesse Byrne – who will be there to help him, regardless of the danger.

“There have been plenty of those times – a lot of them,” Mauney said. “They’re always there every time. They get in there and save my (behind).”

Colby Yates, who is more susceptible to being knocked out than he was earlier in his career, said, “They’ve saved me time and time again, and I know that they’re ready for me to get wiped out every time.”

Professional bull riders put their lives on the line every time they climb on the back of a bull, and the Dickies DuraBullfighters do, too –  some 50 times a night.

To be a bullfighter is to make a commitment to protect the riders at all costs, whether they’re competing with reckless abandon or injured and unable to get out of the way of a rampaging bull. 

This year’s group of bullfighters  – Gorham, Newsom, Byrne and alternate Joe Baumgartner – might well be the best team of all time.

“If there’s a better group,” said PBR co-founder Cody Lambert, “I haven’t seen them.”
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  1. What is the name if that retired bull fighter? To me, he was the best that ever lived. I don’t think he retired that long ago. Sorry, I’ve been a little out of touch lately.



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