Rodeo-Life on the Circuit-episode update

Rodeo – Life On the Circuit – episode update

Ty Elliott / Kendra Edey / Wyatt Thurston / Dustin Thompson

Saturday – Feb 19

With the end of summer comes the last stage of the Pro Rodeo circuit – or in Rodeo terms, the ‘showdown’. After spending a month in Brazil at a Bull Riding competition, Ty Elliott returns to compete for one last chance to make it to the CFR. It’s a full weekend of competition and Barrel Racer Kendra Edey has dropped to ninth place. Although she’s very close to making it to the CFR, the overwhelming pressure has her just as close to throwing in the towel. Bronc Rider Wyatt Thurston has been away at college for a month and is back to ride one last time to see if he can qualify for the CFR. Still suffering from a knee injury, Dustin Thompson hopes to crack the top 12 and make it to the CFR. This was supposed to be his redemption year, but success was hard to find. But Dustin won’t quit – he puts it all on the line and decides to ride again.

rodeo life-resch

Cameramen shooting almost under the nose of Jeff Resch’s pick up horse at the Lea Park Rodeo
Photo courtesy Carter Clarkson