Mike’s Meadow Muffin – Jan. 31

From all of us here in Canadian Cowboy Country we express our sincere condolences to Mike Puhallo and family on the recent passing of his mother.

Mike wrote;

“I firmly believe that moms who pass away in January turn into Robins. I am watching for her in the little apple tree behind the studio.”


Mike’s Meadow Muffin for Jan 31 –


Chinook Arch

Over the Thompson,

Plus seven and blowing strong,

Water running everywhere,

It shouldn’t take too long.


To clear the snow,

From our cabin roof,

And expose a little grass,

On the southern slopes,

And ridge by the pass.


Winter birds gather at the feeder,

Grosbeak and Chickadee,

Whisky Jack and Blue Jay,

And a little flash or red … I see.

Welcome back Robin…