RODEO-Life on the Circuit

It Took Two Years to Film…

Canadian Rodeo Athletes Star in Upcoming Reality Documentary


I expect HISTORY TELEVISION’S ratings to go through the roof Tuesday, January 4 when they launch the most anticipated show; RODEO ­– Life On The Circuit at 7 pm MT – 8 pm ET/PT.

RODEO – Life On The Circuit chronicles the lives of a group of professional Canadian cowboys and cowgirls as they compete in what ranks as one of the most dangerous contemporary spectacles in North America. RODEO offers up unparalleled images and stories of a colourful culture where ritualistic lore and impassioned bravado are a way of life.
With unprecedented access to the inner sanctum of the professional rodeo circuit, RODEO showcases virtues we’d all like to possess: courage, strength, athletic skill, character, and perseverance. RODEO explores the characters, the relationships, the danger, the rivalry, and the inevitable stress of life on the road.
The docu-reality show follows the lives of rodeo stars Chad Besplug, Kendra Edey, Denton Edge, Ty Elliott, Jeremy Harden, Rod Hay, Reid Rowan, Davey Shields Jr., Sierra Stoney, Kyle Thomson, Dustin Thompson, Wyatt Thurston, Jody Turner and Steven Turner over an action-packed two year run on the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association (CPRA) rodeo circuit. Also featured are rodeos unheralded heroes, the rescue squads of pick up men and bullfighters.


RODEO – Life On The Circuit premieres on HISTORY TELEVISION January 4, 2011 at 9pm MT (8 pmET/PT) repeating at 12pm MST (11pm ET/PT) and again on Saturdays at 12pm MT (11 pm ET/PT. The documentary, comprised of 8 x 60-minute episodes, will run for eight weeks. For more information, visit or