June 2010 Butch Falk/Michael Hurwitz

Western Ways
Butch Falk

butch falk_wester waysThis popular B.C. singer and fine guitar picker recorded his first project several years ago. Initially released on cassette, Butch’s fans will be glad to hear that it’s been re-issued on CD and the sound quality is much better than the original.
Western Ways contains many songs that get great response in his live performances, including four songs by R.W. Hampton: the bluesy, catchy Dream Ridin’; Sancho; The One I Never Could Ride; and the up-tempo Travellin’ Light. All four have great guitar solos, but for my money you can’t beat the licks he hits on Travellin’ Light.
Other tracks include Wilf Carter’s Hang The Key on the Bunkhouse Door and The Master’s Call by Marty Robbins. The original master was recorded at Dave Bayer’s studio in Lumby, B.C., and features Dave on steel guitar, dobro and mandolin. Gary Brunelle played bass and Butch did all the lead and rhythm guitar tracks.
You can find Western Ways wherever Butch is playing!

Cowboy Fandango
Michael Hurwitz & The Aimless Drifters

michaelhurwitz_cowboyfandagoBorn in Laramie, Wyoming in 1949, Mike Hurwitz earned his spurs as a working cowboy and says he “took to the life like a Texan takes to braggin’.” He got his first guitar at 13 and the influence of his Mississippi-born mother and his cowboy dad were factors that shaped his unique blend of open range cowboy and Mississippi blues.
His voice reminds me of Bobby Bare in his later years, a little deeper with a husky quality — something
like good Canadian whiskey aged in oak. Cowboy Fandango is a collection of Mike’s original songs written from his perspective as a cowboy, minstrel and free spirit.
A fine collection of pickers accompany his acoustic and electric guitar work, while Nancy Thorwardson adds great vocal harmony.
Multi award-winning Juni Fisher joins Mike on the wistful Rambler’s Dream. The songs cover a wide range from the whimsical Spaceships O’r Wyoming to the nostalgic Ghost Ranch.
It’s a pretty good bet you’ll keep it playing in your pick-up.
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