Total Disaster Averted at CFR:update

Legendary Pick Up Man Saves the Day
Record-setting pick up man, Gary Rempel, averted a total disaster with a routine throw of his lariat. 
Seconds after bucking off his rider, the young bull, Rewind, trotted down to the timed event end of the arena. As he passed behind the pick up man,  Rempel threw a good shot over the bull’s head. The bovine suddenly launched itself over the fence and into the front row crowd at the side of the timed event chutes. Pandemonium erupted as ticket holders scrambled for safety.
The bull was immediately stopped from rampaging through the stands as Rempel had dallied his rope and held the bull.
Bullfighters Jesse Byrne and Dave Sandilands and Entertainer of the Year CrAsh Cooper vaulted the fence to help contain the situation. The fence panel was quickly removed and the bull was taken out of the front row seats and back into the bull pens.
Emergency personnel transported an unidentified woman to hospital.
“It was just a routine shot,” commented Rempel after the rodeo. “The bull was coming by me and I threw my rope.”
Rempel was quick to downplay the drama and share the spotlight.
“Our job is to clear the arena quickly and when a bull doesn’t immediately head to the out gate, we rope them and take them out. If the bull had gone by Jason Resch, he would have roped it too. That’s what we do.”
“I didn’t know he was going to jump the fence,” Rempel continued. “I’m glad I didn’t miss.”
The pick up men and the bullfighters are voted to work the CFR by the contestants. The rodeo stock is selected by the event directors.
A long-time friend of Rempel’s was heard to comment after the perf was over; “You’re famous!” he exclaimed to Rempel. “Thirteen trips to the CFR, seven trips to the NFR and nobody knew your name. All it took was one loop in Edmonton.”
Rempel was voted as Cowboy of the Year in 2009.
Rempel and Jason Resch, who is enjoying his fourth trip to the CFR, also attended a press conference.
The bull, Rewind, has been banned from all pro rodeo competitions.

The Canadian Finals Rodeo continues tomorrow at Rexall Place in Edmonton with two perfs; 1 pm and 7 pm. The Finals takes place Sunday, Nov 14 at 1 pm.

Hosted by 7-time Canadian Rodeo Announcer of the Year Joe Braniff and Rob Bergevin, the CFR is also broadcast on Shaw Sat Nov 13 at 11 pm and Sunday Nov 14 at 9 pm.