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Each year in Canadian Cowboy Country magazine we bring you a photo shoot with Miss Rodeo Canada Royalty.
Just for fun, I’ve posted a few photos here on the blog as a ‘behind the scenes’ look at a portion of what goes into a shoot. All these photographs were taken by Sherry Jones.

Top photo:
2010 MRC Britteny Foster (blue shirt) and 2010 MRC Princess Dana Hansen (silver shirt) on the carousel at Fort Edmonton Park. Photographer Michael Kennedy adjusting the reflector that I was holding.


Middle photo:
Absolutely authentic steam engine (# 107) that was found and restored by Bill Graham. The engineer, Robin, has all the tickets required to operate steam equipment. That’s Rod Proudfoot from Fort Edmonton Park and myself helping Dana climb up the wooden ‘cowcatcher’ on the front of the engine. It was hot up there; that is the oil-fired boiler (used to be wood-fired but it was changed to oil) directly behind Robin.


Bottom photo:
Photographer Michael Kennedy waits for me to adjust Britteny’s necklace while Rob Tanner (He-Who-Signs-My-Cheques) holds the reflector. Rob and Sherry Jones had come down to the shoot ‘just for a while’ and ended up staying for the whole shebang.


The photo shoot was great fun and as a location, Fort Edmonton Park is superb. I was telling Michael we could shoot there for ten years and never re-use the same background. Technically, we only used two streets and the train; and there is so much more to the park – it’s a quarter section chock-full of authenticity right in the heart of Edmonton.
Special thanks to the girls who operate the carousel and the families and their children who participated in the carousel shoot!

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