Day: July 8, 2010


To An Old Buffalo Skull

  When our Maker made this country,He did a dang fine job,Filled ‘er up with trees and water,Planted grass on all the sod Says he, “Now for some buffalo,And redskins

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Universal Language

    call it instinctthose first mothering-up murmursthe way a mother cow callsher calf to her side, convinces itto lie still and flat against the prairiehiding itself until she comes

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The Old Cowhide

    A rusty hook on the outside wallRight behind the old barn doorBrings memories of an old cowhideWhich hung there years before. The old cowhide was used so muchThat

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Reindeer Wrangler

    Over the crusted snow and ice,Under the shimmering Northern Lights,The sparkling spires of Santa-land,Rise up for their wonderful one-night stand. ‘Round the pole the ice floes sweep,Not enough

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Corn Mazes in Alberta

Have some fun in the fields with your children and visit a corn maze! There are many locations in Alberta. Most offer other attractions as well such as a petting

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Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede:Discover a bit of equine ecstasy at Horse Haven CALGARY – It was a business venture all the way, but the Nygaards soon found their hearts ruling their chequebook.

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