Ridin’ Double



Well I’ve known those solitary types
And even drifters, now and then
The kind that always rode alone
They were strong and silent men!
But when they rode in, tired and dirty
There’d be nothin’ good to eat
No one to tell their troubles to
Or rub their tired feet!

So you get to thinkin’ it ain’t enough
There’s so much in life to share
And lucky is that cowboy
who finds someone to care!
No matter if she ropes or rides
Never mind domestic skills
If she can take the flak life dishes out
And somehow, love ya still!

When a squawkin’ birdie spooks yer horse
When ya miss an ‘easy’ calf
When yer woman burns yer steak again
Ya must remember, then, to laugh!
When your cowboy raids your cookie jar
To buy another stupid rope
While you’re bringin’ home the groceries
Life may seem like a bad joke!

So now I’ll ask you newlyweds
To let me share this bottom line
If ya never lose yer sense of humour
Then everything will work out fine!
Don’t take the bad times seriously
Never let the day in anger end
You’ll go farther – ridin’ double
And you’ll always have a friend!

Ridin’ Double excerpted from Life of a Stockman, The Poetry of Starchild by Glen Rafuse