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Woman of the West

Family Ties Take a moment, and think of a time when you had your back up against the wall, not knowing where to turn. Who was the person who helped you out of that? Chances are, it was probably someone who is there for you through the thick and thin, and in...

Fire Side

By Fred Miller Gather round the fire, folks I'll tell to you my tale Of guns an' stock an' riders And of moonlight on the trail Of rock an' rain an' sunshine In an almost forgotten time Of trails all growed over 'Mongst the high up twisted pine Of the view you get of sundown When you sit at...

Billy the Kid Trailer

  Featured in the August/September issue of Canadian Cowboy - the all new series on Billy the Kid!   The trailer is out now.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNmrW8MEj_Y The all new Billy the Kid trailer is out now.

On the Trail with the Two-Bit Cowboy – Craig Couillard

It started with a dream .... a flying bear ... soaring between to realms. And from that dream comes another stunning masterpiece by Indigenous artist Neepin Auger. The daughter of Calgary Stampede Hall of Fame artist Dale Auger, Neepin has been honing her craft since an early age. Over the...

Trail Blazers

Montie Montana

From Big Muddy to 'Big Time'      Not every child that slid down a snow-covered hill in Saskatchewan’s Big Muddy Valley...